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The Basics... man.
1. Name? Amanda a.k.a. Toasty McGee

2. Age? 18
3. Where are ya residing as of now? Ontario, Canada
4. How do you like it there? I long for a more peaceful, isolated existence but it will do for now
5. What is the most important thing to you? freedom, knowledge, love
6. Do you like Ice-Cream? What Flavor(s)? neopolitan... a little bit of everything

Your Inner Hippy...

1. What political issue/current event are you most passionate about man, and why? the "war on drugs"... no one person or establishment should be able to dictate how one changes one's state of consciousness... if illegal drugs were as marketable as alcohol or cigarettes, they wouldn't be illegal.

2. Tell us about a creative hobby of yours (do you draw or write songs…ect):i am a writer and storyteller by nature... I also like to strum a guitar every so often
3. Describe your far out style (you can just post a pic if you like): I don't have a "style" persae... I wear whatever happens to suit my mood at the time
4. Are you a pothead or something similar? I enjoy weed, as well as drugs of the psychedelic catergory (LSD, mushrooms)
5. Talk about your spirituality: I believe we would be arrogant to think that the human race is the pinnacle of existence. I believe in something more powerful than ourselves that we could not comprehend. I believe Jesus was an enlightened man who walked the earth but I believe that Christianity is a tainted religion of lies and manipulation. I do not believe in most of the fables that the Christian faith preaches as truth. I do however respect any differing believes and will never condescend someone because of their faith. I believe our souls do not die with our physical body but that death is the next great journey, the next step to enlightenment.
6. Give us a “hippy quote” man (one you made up or a famous one): "Turn on, tune in, drop out."- Timothy Leary, my idol.
7. Give yourself a political label (liberal, conservative, libertarian, green, independent, republican,
democrat, ect.): If I must put a label on it, libertarian... I believe in the freedom of the individual so long as harm is not caused to those around you.

8. What’s your favorite inscense/candle/air freshener scent? vanilla or pine
9. Like, give us some good advice to live by: Knowledge and love are the stepping stones to the path of salvation.
10. What’s your favorite “hippy” singer/band/artist/song: Bob Dylan was a musical and lyrical genius
11. How do you treat people? With as much love and acceptance as they are willing to accept.
12. Are you a vegetarian/vegan/fruitarian? pseudo-vegetarian.. I will eat chicken and fish on occasion
13. Just tell us why you think you’re a hippy. Rememeber short and sweet! My ideals and beliefs are much more in sync with those of the hippie movement than any of the ideals preached to me in today's media

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