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The Basics... man.
1. Name?
2. Age?18
3. Where are ya residing as of now?connecicut
4. How do you like it there?not at all- but i'll be in vermont in a year
5. What is the most important thing to you?finding real happiness
6. Do you like Ice-Cream? What Flavor(s)?i don't really care for ice cream

Your Inner Hippy...

1. What political issue/current event are you most passionate about man, and why?
gay rights, weed laws- they just seem like basic human rights to me.
2. Tell us about a creative hobby of yours (do you draw or write songs…ect): im trying to learn to draw and i like photography
3. Describe your far out style (you can just post a pic if you like): lots of chunky sweaters, earthy jewelry, very little makeup. i just like to keep it simple
4. Are you a pothead or something similar? haha yeahh
5. Talk about your spirituality: im still trying to understand it really. i don't have a religion but im looking into paganism right now.
6. Give us a “hippy quote” man (one you made up or a famous one):ghandi: A 'No' uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.
7. Give yourself a political label (liberal, conservative, libertarian, green, independent, republican,

democrat, ect.):
8. What’s your favorite inscense/candle/air freshener scent? anything fresh and clean
9. Like, give us some good advice to live by: live and let live
10. What’s your favorite “hippy” singer/band/artist/song: beatles all the way
11. How do you treat people? while i have my opinions im still respectful
12. Are you a vegetarian/vegan/fruitarian?i've been vegan for two years now
13. Just tell us why you think you’re a hippy. Rememeber short and sweet! I just am. i always have been, always will be. i can't describe it, its just me.
14. Any Pictures you would like us to see?
i honestly don't have any pictures of myself.

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