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My application...

The Basics... man.
1. Name?
2. Age? 25
3. Where are ya residing as of now? Mackay, Queensland, Australia
4. How do you like it there? Love it!
5. What is the most important thing to you? My Friends
6. Do you like Ice-Cream? What Flavor(s)? Do I like Icecream??? I'm practically married to it... I love Vanilla

Your Inner Hippy...

1. What political issue/current event are you most passionate about man, and why?
Maintaining our beautiful planet the way Nature intended, living organically and reducing our impact on the planet. Because this planet is all we have and it deserves to be treated with respect.
2. Tell us about a creative hobby of yours (do you draw or write songs…ect): I write poetry, lots of it.
3. Describe your far out style (you can just post a pic if you like): my user pic. I would describe my style as hippie/goth fusion
4. Are you a pothead or something similar? Smoke weed occasionally - weekends, parties.
5. Talk about your spirituality: I am not extremley spiritual, but I believe in treating others with the same respect you would be treated. And loving freeley
6. Give us a “hippy quote” man (one you made up or a famous one): "oh man, thats pee man!" - Cheech from "Up in Smoke"
7. Give yourself a political label (liberal, conservative, libertarian, green, independent, republican,

democrat, ect.):
Liberal and green
8. What’s your favorite inscense/candle/air freshener scent? Sandlewood
9. Like, give us some good advice to live by: Just be yourself, Live, love and laugh.
10. What’s your favorite “hippy” singer/band/artist/song: There are an awful lot of them... current is "I wish I was a punk rocker"
11. How do you treat people? As I would be treated
12. Are you a vegetarian/vegan/fruitarian? No - but I only eat natural organic foods - nothing from a bag or box, nothing pre-packaged.
13. Just tell us why you think you’re a hippy. Rememeber short and sweet! It just feels right. I believe in being true to yourself, and if it feels right, then do it! I relate to the ideals of free love and believe that this world would be a much better place if everyone was a hippie.

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