We are hippies...

...are you?

hippies of the internet- the RATING community.
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A haven for hippies :)

This place is basically a "rating place" to keep it a haven!

(more to come. aka under construction. but help is much appreciated!)

This community is for anyone who's ever been called a hippie, or called themsleves a hippie, or has the heart of a hippie. It's is a safe haven for our idealistic views, man. This isn't about "Republican" or "Democrat" or any of that crap...this place is about peace, love and freedom! Can you dig it? We ARE hippies after all! Who wants to deal with all that when there's weed to smoke? Not to mention music festivals and protests to go to? We don't always need people to inform us of how we're idiots for happening to want, like, a better world, man. So come here when there's some issue you just can't shut up about, or if you figured out a way to make sandals, or if you hear about a far our concert, or anything you want really :) As long as you not a "white collar conservative flashing don't the street, pointing their white plastic finger at me", then you'll fit in here ;)
We're gonna wave our free flag high!

- RESPECT OTHERS. I can't stress this enough. Can't we all just get along dude?
- Post your application within two days of joining. You may be reminded in a day or so if you havent. Honestly, its not a long app..plus we want short answers...come on! :)
- On that note, make sure you've joined, not just friended the community.
- Put your app under a cut, please.
- Other stuff to go under a cut: 2+ pictures, long posts
- random posts allowed/ENCOURAGED!

-- This community has 3 maintainers (aka mods): scobybxrs, mistresskahlan, and amethyst_asp

******Application for “ehippy”******
We don’t want long drawn out answers in this community man… come on we’re lazy hippies! Like, keep it short and sweet. Can you dig it?

Not required of members, but much appreciated.

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